The Challenge

Are you a Nurse, related to a Nurse, or simply a Nurse supporter? Then we want you!

NursesEverywhere is excited to launch our official *insert hashtag* Video Challenge to celebrate and recognize the countless contributions nurses offer to all of humanity. Blow us away, by submitting your original videos that encompass all nurses have to offer, for a chance to win a prize! Find out more about how to submit your video below!


The NursesEverywhere and country music stars, Brown & Gray collaboration was founded to raise the profile of nurses during the pandemic through the powerful means of music therapy. Over the course of the past year, traditional and social media outlets have shed the spotlight on the nursing profession through proclamation of their heroic efforts, discounts and applause, but we wanted to take it one step further. NursesEverywhere launched the #ThankANurse #WearAMask campaign and partnered with Brown & Gray to develop the song, You Didn’t Have To, dedicated to nurses everywhere as a means to thank them for their courage, commitment and expertise.

Due to the tremendous success of our first campaign, Brown & Gray is partnering with us yet again on our newest initiative, the *insert hashtag* Video Challenge.


The international community marked 2020 as the official Year of the Nurse and Midwife to celebrate and recognize the contributions of nurses across the globe. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, it reinforced the need to further support the nursing profession across all levels. As a true thank you for nurses’ heroic efforts, NursesEverywhere launched the “You didn’t have to – thank a nurse, wear a mask” campaign to memorialize this pivotal moment in our profession’s history.

To continue our commitment, and as a true thank you to people everywhere, we ask you, nurses and non-nurses alike, to help continue supporting those risking it all to keep us safe.

For the official NursesEverywhere *insert hashtag* Video Challenge, we are looking for you to send your own videos and selected song showcasing what nurses mean to you. Whether it’s a TikTok™ challenge, a dance, a heartwarming message of gratitude, or images of the nurses in your lives, we want to share the spotlight with our supporters around the globe to show how much nurses are appreciated!

Happy videoing!


The *insert hashtag* Video Challenge is open to Individuals, Groups and Organizations. The submission period will begin on April 1, 2021 and run through May 15, 2021; that’s right – just in time for Nurses Week and International Nurses Day!

Video duration can be as short as 15 seconds and as long as 1 minute. To make your video, we suggest playing the song off your phone or tablet at the same time you are recording your video. Need a bit of practice? What’s a better way than to play Brown & Gray’s single, You Didn’t Have To and record until perfection! To upload, please use the form below. In the comments section, please list the names of the individuals, group or organization in your video to make sure proper credit is received.

Form with following details:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address
  4. Location
  5. Upload button for video


NursesEverywhere will be tracking the number of likes and shares on social media, so be sure to use our official hashtag! The top 10 videos will be reviewed by a team of Supporting Judges who will select the final winners. Top prize includes a private on-site (pandemic pending) or virtual concert by no other than Brown & Gray. Other prizes include, signed merchandise and much more!


  • NursesEverywhere may use videos for promotion of our programs (i.e., social media, presentations, etc.) By submitting a video entry to the NursesEverywhere Video Challenge, you officially give NursesEverywhere permission to use your video for all future NursesEverywhere promotional purposes.
  • Before you edit your video, please make sure you check the song is not blocked for personal use by entering the song info at:
  • Once you have edited your video, please export it into a high-quality MP4 file and upload via the upload button or via to *email*– it’s free to use.


We’re excited to see what you create and hope you enjoy making your video as much as we will enjoy seeing the final product! If you have any questions, please contact *ContactName & EMAIL*.

Good luck, Happy Videoing, and as always, thank you for supporting NursesEverywhere!

#YouDidntHaveTo #ThankANurse #WearAMask